How Do You Apply Acrylic Sealers To Concrete?

High quality and outstanding performance make acrylic sealers an ideal choice for concrete floor coatings. Yes, applying acrylic sealers isn’t a tough job but could go awry once done wrong. A professional acrylic cement coating Houston assists you in getting the job done. And if you don’t fancy hiring a contractor firm, you can always go for a DIY without the big guys lending a hand.

Acrylic Sealers? What Are They?

If your interior and exterior floors require additional protection; acrylic sealers are an excellent choice. They come in water-based and solvent-based mixtures you can install on concrete floorings without too much effort. The method results in a coating that protects the concrete slabs underneath against many factors, such as the following.

  • Ultra-violet rays
  • Non-yellowing
  • Water 
  • Chloride
  • Chemical stains

You may establish sealers for two to three weeks only after concrete cures. Besides, acrylic sealers improve the charm of other concrete overlays and resurfacing finishes, such as stamps, flakes, colors, and paint.

Tools Of The Trade

You have to consider the environmental factors that affect sealer applications. But what you use to place them on the ground will have a tremendous impact.

  • Sprayers

Sprayers are the perfect tool to apply sealers. What makes them the best is the feature of application control and spray rate. You can cover a wide area in a manner of minutes. And these instruments handle solvent and water-based coats without any trouble.

  • Rollers

Rollers are the next best pick, and they are easy to use. And they can spread both types of sealers without any inconvenience. Many rollers are available in the market, each boasting a set of functions and other features.

  • Wool applicators

Wool applicators are unique rags that encompass woodblocks. They are perfect for solvent sealers. But they have a hard time running over surfaces with rough textures.

acrylic sealing to concrete

Spraying Or Rolling?

Before you start any concrete resurfacing job, it is better that you know what kind of product you are using. Doing so will allow you to adjust what type of tool to employ.

Sprays are best for penetrating concrete sealers. You can use them for outdoor resurfacing and pool deck resurfacing. Rollers are ideal for decorative sealing purposes. The verdict? Sprays are for large sealing tasks. And they make the job way faster and more efficient. Meanwhile, rollers are easy to use and are way cheaper.

The Steps For Sealer Application

Now that you know how sealing works, here are the steps you need to take to set one up.

  • First, get rid of any debris, stains, and other dirt from the area.
  • Remove any existing or damaged sealers.
  • Prepare the mixture. Follow a retailer’s instructions to avoid sealing issues later.
  • Install the first coating using a roller or sprayer. Let it dry or cure.
  • Work a second layer of coating. It is best to do so going in the opposite direction. You may place any number of coatings, but do make sure that they do not exceed more than two millimeters each.
  • Let it dry properly. As you have the sealer set entirely over the concrete floor, you are good to go!

The Benefits Of Installing Sealers

Many advantages are all for the taking, should you let concrete sealers take care of your home’s concrete. Here are some of such benefits.

  • They protect your concrete structures from all sorts of damage and wear.
  • Sealers improve the surface’s durability and make it last for years to come.
  • The refinish underneath will stand out more, increasing the property’s overall value.
  • Sealed surfaces – indoor or outdoor – will require less maintenance.

The Takeaway

These concrete sealers work wonders on surfaces, no matter the scale or finish. You have the liberty to set them in place with not professional assistance. But, the process can get tricky. And if you find yourself having trouble, it might be a sign to let the pros come in and do the job. An experienced enterprise will guarantee results worth your while and resources.

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