Show Off A Vibrant & Relaxing Pool Deck

Baytown, TX Pool Deck InstallationBullion Coatings believes that every Baytown, TX resident deserves the right to pool deck resurfacing that fits within their budgets. Unlike other companies that will give you a quote and then give you a bill that is much more than that estimate, we’ll work hard to finish your deck at the price we quoted early on. As long as you live in Conroe, Bellaire, or another nearby city in Texas, we can help you.

Applying Sundek Classic Texture

Concrete is a porous surface, which means that it can absorb almost anything. That is why when you install a concrete deck or patio, the installer will coat the surface and any exposed areas with sealant. If even a small portion lacks this sealant, it gives moisture a way to reach the concrete. Pool water, rain, and even water from your garden can cause the sealant to chip away and peel off your deck. Sundek Classic Texture can hide away all those damaged areas and give you a deck and a pool that you’ll want to show off to your friends and loved ones. We can apply it on a new or older deck.

Enjoy Your Pool

Enjoying your swimming pool starts when you take care of that outdated or damaged deck surrounding it. Those cracks are potentially dangerous to guests, and with older decks, you might even find yourself slipping and sliding across the surface when it gets wet. Residents of Baytown, TX and other towns can call us at (281) 407-0779 for a free quote or to schedule a time for us to come out and look at their homes. With our products, you can stop worrying about pool deck resurfacing.

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