Expert Corpus Christi Pool Deck Resurfacing Using Sundek Classic Texture

Corpus Christi, TX Pool Deck Resurfacing ExpertsBullion Coatings installers are the experts in Corpus Christi pool deck resurfacing. We will repair, refinish, or refine an old deck and give it a new life. We are able to resurface old or new decks. Rather than tear an old deck down, we use Sundek Classic Texture to resurface the deck and make it even better. Consider how our product includes a slip-resistant covering that keeps your deck cool, even in the hottest Texas summers. The best part is we have many designs and colors to choose from. We like giving options to our customers.

On the other hand, we can also fix a pool that has previously been resurfaced. It does not matter if we resurfaced it, or if another company did the work. As long as it is still in fair condition, we can re-color and reseal the deck. We will refurbish it to look as if it is brand new.

Finally, we can even fix old decks that have cracks, chips, or flakes in their concrete. Our amazing Sundek Classic Texture – Acrylic Cement Coating forms a decorative concrete overlay that will resurface any deck. We can restore any deck to its former beauty.

Anyone in the following cities in Texas can contact us for pool deck refinishing: Corpus Christi, TX. Residential or commercial property owners can contact us for a free estimate by filling out the Request Form in this page. You can also call Bullion Coatings at (281) 407-0779.

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