Pool Deck Resurfacing Professionals In Texas

Cypress, TX Pool Deck InstallersBullion Coatings provides pool deck resurfacing services in the Cypress,TX area. We offer a series of high-quality coloring and sealing products that will provide lasting protection for cement surfaces. We feature refinishing and resurfacing installations using Sundek Classic Texture. We customize services to meet clients’ needs, and we offer a free estimate.

An unfinished concrete area will flake, split, and crack from the effects of heat and sun. We recommend resurfacing such areas with a rich color and protective sealant. This will enhance the appearance of the location and provide years of protection against the effects of weather. For old, sealed installations we recommend refinishing. We will re-color and then re-seal the site to give it a fresh look and a like new appearance. For new or old surfaces, the most dramatic changeover occurs with a total resurfacing with Sundek Classic Texture. This exceptional product improves footing, reduces heat-build up, and enhances the overall appearance. It blends surface repairs into an artistic pattern of lines and shades. The sheer beauty of the installation will impress guests and neighbors. One can make further customization by using templates to simulate the appearance of tiles, stones, or bricks.

Here at Bullion Coatings, we welcome calls and inquiries from area property owners about our pool deck refinishing services. Please call (281) 407-0779 as we are standing by to answer questions, respond to requests, and arrange free estimates. You may also sign the request form in this page for your convenience.

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