Turn Neighbors’ Heads With A Colorful Pool Deck

Pool Deck DesignsYou might hear the term pool deck resurfacing thrown around a lot in the Galena Park, TX area. With so many local homes featuring swimming pools, companies love to talk about how their services are the best and how their prices are the lowest. Here at Bullion Coatings, we won’t just give you a bunch of random facts or figures. We can give you a free estimate and ensure that you better understand our process and what we’ll use on your deck.

Minor Damage Can Equal Big Problems

Even if you hire a professional to come out and clean your pool every week, you can still find damage on your deck. This damage often occurs because the cleaner wears the wrong shoes, doesn’t watch when he or she moves your patio furniture or because the cleaner accidentally spills a few chemicals on the deck. Flaking can indicate moisture damage to the interior of the deck, which can cause more flaking and lead to cracks. If you see cracks and deep gouges, you might have a more serious problem. Sundek Classic Texture is the ultimate product for repairing that damage.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Deck

Galena Park, Jacinto Park and residents of neighboring cities in TX love the way their decks look after we finish applying our Sundek Classic Texture. As the product adheres to the concrete, it covers up scratches and flakes. We also use a special application method that allows the product to cover up any signs of more serious damaging, including broken areas and chipped areas. Fill out our email contact form on our site to get more information on pool deck resurfacing or grab the phone and call (281) 407-0779.

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