Pool Deck Resurfacing Leauge City Houston TX

League City, TX Houston Pool Deck Designs

Bullion Coatings provides pool deck resurfacing services in the League City, TX area. Based on years of successful experience, we have tailored our services to meet customer needs. We offer an outstanding line of high-quality products, and we feature Sundek Classic Texture for all concrete surfaces in residential areas. After years of successful experience providing installations in League City residential areas, we can recommend services that meet customer needs. The textured layers are ideal for poolside areas. They increase traction for better footing in wet conditions; they disperse heat buildups from intense sunlight.

Unfinished concrete can flake, split, and crack due to exposure to heat, humidity, rain, and sunlight—we can color and protect these areas. Adding high-quality protective coatings will upgrade the appearance of the area and protect it from damage. If there is a prior sealed installation which no longer is appealing, we can re-tint and re-seal the location. This results in a like new appearance for an old and faded installation. For a total makeover, we use Sundek Classic Texture. Owners can choose the finish from among masonry effects, aggregates, and the popular Custom Scoreline. One can transform and ordinary poolside space into an appealing center for entertainment and recreation.

At Bullion Coatings, we encourage area residents to call and learn more about our pool deck resurfacing products and services. Please call (281) 407-0779 or fill the request form in this page for your inquiries on our services and installations. You may also browse through our gallery and look at our past works.

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