5 Tips on Maintaining your Pool Deck



Safe water in the pool is achieved with regular cleaning of its commercial concrete pool deck. It secures you and the people the endless fun that splashing to clean and clear water brings. There are surefire ways to maintain residential and commercial pools.

The floorings, the pools deck, and also the water chemistry have roles in having a fantastic swimming experience. Using the right tools and technique are essential.

Here are tips on how to maintain your pool decks in your commercial properties.


1- Skimming through the water

Regular maintenance of the pool water is key to keeping a clean and safe pool exterior. Super easy maintenance is skimming. Using a net attached to ta pole, skim the top of the water. Usually, it will take dead bigs, dried leaves, the debris of solids, or grass.

2- Taking out the lint and hairs

Other particles that get trapped in the swimming pool are thin, tiny hairs and pieces of thread. This is less talked about when cleaning pools. But you can see every detail, including lint.

Lint can be hard to notice, also tough to catch. Most of the time, they are the cloud-like particles that float in the water when the residues of cloths and hairs build-up and gather. How will you get rid of this?

What most people do is they pump out the water, and the pool filter will catch them. These will now cause the filter to clog. Sometimes a newly replaced pool water will get contaminates of lint and hair.
Regular skimming can help you eliminate lint effectively. Dont’wait that the residues collect below the pool’s flooring.

3- Check chlorine and water pH level regularly

How often must you check the chlorine level of your pool? The chlorine level must be checked two to three times a week. Chlorine is used to sanitize the water, but too much chlorine can first damage the skin of the people who will swim. Next, too much chlorine will stain the skin of the pool.

If it’s too low, it will not sanitize the water well enough and may get more dirt and damage to the poo.

The same goes if you have an ozone generator that uses oxygen to sanitize the pool.

4- Check the pool water level

The pool water level must just be at the center of your pool tile. It shouldn’t be too high or too low. A low water level will burn the pump or overheat it.

5- Clean the filter

The filter should always be clean as often as necessary. The minimum time you can clean the filter is at least five times a year. But do cleaning more than that. The filter can gather lint and debris. The clean filter will also produce clean water and sanitized water in the pool.


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