Aesthetic, Artistic Pool Deck Resurfacing Pasadena TX For The Whole Year Round

Pasadena, TX Stained Pool DeckBullion Coatings offers pool deck resurfacing services in the Pasadena, TX area. With years of successful engagements in this warm and pleasant Texas region, we can recommend services to meet customer needs. For a total re-surfacing and a dramatic makeover for any outdoor living space, we recommend Sundek Classic Texture.

Homeowners must protect bare cement surfaces against chipping, splitting, and cracking due to the extremes of heat, and the effects of humidity, wind, and rain. We offer richly colored decorative overlays to improve the appearance, and a protective coating to preserve its great looks for years to come. If there is an old sealed installation, we can refinish the location to give it a like-new appearance. We can re-tint the site with a fresh color, and re-seal it for long-term protection. When a customer wishes to transform the site, we use Sundek Classic Texture. This outstanding product adds functionality by improving foot traction in wet conditions and reducing surface heat build-ups. It is customizable, and owners can select from a wide range of finishes including looks that resemble wood, tile, or stone. For walkway, entryway, and driveway applications, it resists chemical spills and blocks soaked in oil stains.

We at Bullion Coatings invite calls and questions from area homeowners about our pool deck resurfacing Pasadena TX services. Please call (281) 407-0779, we are waiting to answer questions, handle special requests, and arrange free estimates. Those seeking price information on work at any area location can fill out a request for quote form here. We will respond promptly to all requests. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. Please call or request a quote today.

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