6 Top Pool Deck Ideas for Your Outdoor Swimming Pool in Houston, TX


Aside from the heat that most of us are well-adjusted and accustomed to anyway, living in a hot and humid place like Houston, TX also has perks. No matter the circumstances, you can always find a way to enjoy summer, especially with a functional yet elegant pool system.
Read on to get fresh pool deck ideas that can go well with your pool and instantly upgrade your summer experience!

Elevate your pool deck

One of the most practical moves in designing your swimming pool is investing in a pool deck situated slightly above the ground. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it is likewise more affordable. Since it is a traditional setup, it is relatively easier to build than other patio arrangements. It also gives you the freedom to choose its size, the furniture, and the patio décors. As a bonus, you can also use a modern style such as the brick paving – which, by the way, is cheaper than tile or wood decking – to give that laidback and cozy aesthetics that blends well with your home.

Mount a pool deck bridge

It is also a great plan to install a walkway that visually guides the eye from your house to your backyard entrance, especially if there is a considerable distance between the two places. A deck bridge gives the illusion that your interior is more spacious since it extends to your exterior space. It adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor!

Build a sunshade

Are you a morning person? Then a deck shade is a definite must-have for you! Imagine how refreshing it is to soak under the early sun and sip your coffee afterward inside your shades before you charge through your tasks. Thrown in some green bushes and pot plants, and before you know it, your sun deck will be one of your most favorite spots to unwind.

Set up a bistro patio

If you are more of a minimalist and wanted to keep everything simple, you may want to consider assembling a bistro patio, mostly a couple of iron chairs and tables. People who love to share their stories and teas while overseeing a calming view will surely enjoy this added feature. If you have limited space, then you can maximize your poolside by situating the furniture there.

Add a kiddie slide

Encourage your children to play in your swimming pool by adding a slice of childhood that we all enjoyed at some point – a water slide. Let your kids have fun while they’re still young. Admit it, seeing little children glide down makes you giggle from youthful reminiscence.

Create a garden oasis.

If you are into nature and have a yard that outspreads from your pool, you can achieve that earthy tone by introducing a garden oasis. Make sure to use light rocks and plants that give off a dessert-kind-of vibe. Also, use curved and rough stones and avoid using too much handmade furniture to attain a natural setting.

The main takeaway here is to be creative when it comes to styling your yard! There’s no limit to your imagination, as long as you give careful consideration to the theme you have in mind and ensure that it transitions nicely from your house to your exterior area. These pool deck ideas are just guides. In the end, you still have full authority when it comes to designing your home.

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