Top 4 Renovated Pool Deck Ideas

Swimming pools transform with great pool deck ideas. A pool deck renovation in Houston can quickly level up the look in your backyard without the hassle of new construction. You need updated designs for you to keep up with today’s fast-changing environment. Styles and exterior themes update. You can incorporate modern pieces to remodel an inground or above ground pool.

Your pool might still function at its best, but its form looks outdated. Do not let your properties lag behind your neighbors who just got an upgrade in their properties. Why not include in your plans renovating the pools.

engraved concrete pool deck

For you to get started, skim through these four unique ideas to revamp your pools.

1- Add Accents
For a quick and easy remodeling, adding motile objects like furniture, decors, mats, and rugs add beauty to the pool area. You don’t have to turn the slabs around or dig out concrete decks to remodel the pool’s exterior.

Little add-ons implemented by great creative minds are the sure-fire solution that transforms the pool place.

2- Travertine-Inspired
A suitable match if your goat concrete pool deck is a touch of travertine inspired flooring around the pool exterior. What you can do is add extensions and levels to the decking. A travertine styled tile of flooring or sintered borders framing the steps to the pool makes a natural, exquisite design.

The porous to fibrous texture inspired by travertine adds to the luxe effect of the swimming area. You’ll spark amazement when you see the waters splashing to the natural forms of the pool\s flooring.

3- Wooden steps and banisters
Wooden accents create an appealing and aesthetically satisfying look to add around a pool. If you are looking to contrast the concrete and water materials in your backyard, wooden structures are a perfect balance for these ideas.

You can also use wooden steps for pool deck extensions. Or, create a coastal dock, bay-area inspired walkways towards the swimming pool.
The wooden design makes a laid back, yacht community vibe to the property.

4- Textured Water
have you thought about taking the pool basin to another step? Have you seen pool water reflect a different color or shade? A bluer than blue water adds a dreamy and exotic look. You can add other complementary pigments to the pool’s flooring to illuminate the face of the water. Or stamp or paints patterns to see when you look down the waters in the pool? These can be a unique and distinct accent to your pools.

If you want something different and want to set the trend among your neighbors and friends. Get the pool’s flooring renovated. You can incorporate the materials mentioned above. Item #2 talked about travertine or natural flooring.

What you can do is retain your pool decks’ concrete surface. Resurface it with natural concrete coating or with staining to amplify its pure concrete look. Then, add textured flooring to the interior of the pool. The water will glisten and glitter like the formation of natural bodies of water.

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