Trends in Concrete Pool Decking

attractive Pool Deck

Nothing beats the pleasure of leisure diving into the swimming pool. The whole pool experience is not only found in its water element. The pool deck provides the aesthetic appeal that gives you the chill vibe hanging out with friends or family along the poolside.

So, you must create a suitable pool decking design for your pool area. Innovative experts today generated more concrete pool deck systems and designs that will surely match your style. Whatever motif you have in your home’s exterior, a particular pool decking pattern and design have been made for you out there. 

Let us dive into this list below on the latest trends in concrete pool decking.

Concrete Pool Decking Patterns, Texture, Colors

It is a breeze for your pool deck to have options of polished, durable designs that enhance the pool’s exterior. Not only has that beauty rippled from the deck of the pool, but also a seamless, tough concrete quality. Pool decking coats can be stamped concrete, sanded, traditionally colored, or even tiled.

1. Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Outdoor Pool Deck

The most popular, in-demand concrete pool deck today is the stamped concrete. Both residential and commercial spaces favor the stamped finish to their pool deck. The designs and style of stamped concrete pool deck have the most variations, simulating the patterns of other raw materials such as brick, stone, or even wood. The wet concrete is stamped with distinct patterns producing the array of design, giving your pool deck a natural imprint of nature.

2. Patio Pavers Concrete and Tiled Concrete

patio pavers on concrete pool deck

One of the many undeniable reasons why concrete pool decks are the choice of many is its ability to combine concrete with other pool deck systems, like pavers and tiles. These concrete decks are popular choices because it has a two-in-one feature. 

3. Colored Concrete and Sandblasted Pool Deck

colored and sandblasted concrete pool deck

By adding colorant powders or acid-stains, a simple concrete can transmute unique hues of colors. With these pool decking systems, a fun, entertaining atmosphere can flow from your pool area. When the colorant compound is applied to wet concrete, the result is a blending-effect of dual tones of color. A sandblasted pool deck also uses acid washing that creates a matte finish on the surface. The traditional plain-colored or acid-stained concrete morphs the contemporary with a classic look.

4. Engraved Concrete Pool Deck

engraved concrete pool deck

This type of concrete pool deck offers a solution to poor drainage of a pool deck in the engraved concrete. Form and function meet in creating engraved concrete pool deck, as it produces intricate patterns of leaves, vines, stone textures, that make it look naturally engraved on a pool’s exterior.

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